Style: Techno, melodic techno

Pascal Quatretemps started as a one-man techno project and he had his first release Humanoise EP on the legendary label USA Import in Antwerp Belgium. This is where he met the legendary artist M.I.K.E. Push and they went on to release a few projects like Musix together, gaining much spotlight in the trance scene.
Eventually this paved the way for what soon became their pseudo collaboration
together of today – CrashGuard. The two producers teamed up and decided to combine a very melodic, yet dark-techno sound of today. The indistinguishable tech trance melodic sounds of M.I.K.E. Push in combination with Pascal’s darker techno touch make tremendous chemistry in their productions, and that works brilliantly on worldwide dancefloors.

Pascal has been performing live at many events, including Love Parade,
Tomorrowland, Legacy Festival… and had some recent releases on Arkham Audio, Scanner Records, Jam El Mar Records, Filth On Acid, MKT Records and Cherry Moon Records.


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