Style: Dance, Club

2 Fabiola was the group around Patrick Claesen (aka Pat Krimson) and Zohra. Patrick already played guitar in a pop group in the 1980s, after which he founded the producer duo ‘Hypp en Krimson’ with Jeff Vanbockrijck. She completed several dance projects.

In 1989 he started as a guitarist with Leopold 3. When that group stopped in 1993, he founded the Dance Opera label and launched the first big house parties in Belgium. To make a profit, he started dancing groups under his own label. So is the group 2 Fabiola. The name came from the then Belgian Queen. He had already sought a name with the royal family with Leopold 3. They started with the song ‘The Milky Way’ and were hugely popular and in demand from their 2nd song ‘Play this song’. They were in the charts others countries, Spain and Italy.

The group had even more great success and several number 1 hits: Magic flight, I’m on fire, Lift U up and Flashback as the highlight. After this the success continued through the songs ‘Sisters & Brothers’ and ‘Feel the vibe’. The group created its own sound and was a pioneer in the Belgian dance scene. In between, Pat Krimson and Zohra also released solo songs. Fabio, the dancer, left the group after Magic Flight.

Later, Loredana became Pat Krimson’s new partner, both professionally and privately. They had a hit with she’s after my piano. 2 Fabiola will continue for a while, they always create fireworks at every party.

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