Prolific artist and DJ Stefan Melis a.k.a. Bountyhunter is well known from the oldschool scene, but besides this, he is working hard on his latest project, Bountyhunter 2.0. Where Techno is the keyword. Loads of new Techno releases are waiting to be revealed.

Artist intel:

Stefan started his career in 1990 in a small club called TGV with the Oldschool music. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and the track “Bountyhunter” was born. Released on the brand new upcoming label Bonzai Records in 1992, this single would go on to be a huge success and help in shaping the sound we all know and love today. Many more releases would follow including “Woops”, “Demilitarized Zone” and “The Return” to name a few. These releases would make a big mark on the Bonzai imprint and propel Bountyhunter into the big time and ensure that when people speak of not only Bonzai but of classics in general, then the name Bountyhunter is always mentioned.

He grew out to be a Bonzai legend playing at big raves all across Europe and Stefan’s tunes have appeared on many compilations. Bountyhunter is still very busy across the year, with many parties and festivals lined up. He will for sure feature in lots of Retro and Techno parties in the future.

For his new challenge he has completed a lot of technotracks that will be released very soon.

After a search for a second style with modern music he locked his target on the modern technoscene .

Daily studiowork for this style will bring him up to a lot of technostages .

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