Style: Retro, house, techno

Danny Corten was born in Antwerp on February 9, 1974. His interest in music started at a young age. After buying his first samplers and synthesizers he started a music production studio with Patrick Bruyndonckx (Da Rick & Sweet Coffee), Tommy de Bie (Da Boy Tommy) and Frank Van Herwegen (DJ Frank) to produce music for “Jumper Records” .

In this studio Danny Corten collaborated with DJ Frank and tracks like “Funkin Serious”, “Dinner” and “Story” were born. These releases topped the charts in France and Belgium. After that Danny Corten made some productions with Da Boy Tommy which came high in the Belgian charts such as “: Amen”.

Danny has already collaborated with artists such as DJ Frank, Mark with a K, DJ ghost, Da boy Tommy, John Moon, DJ Youri, Robin One, DJ Lethal MG and Yves Deruyter in his music career and has released songs both solo and in collaboration namely Breakdown, No escape, I am stronger, Pure perfection, The music is moving, No way out, Lost energy, The twist, I want you, In my mind, My life is music, In lifetimes, Once in a lifetime, remake of The first rebirth, remake of Universal nation, Timeless, Our house, gluten free.

In addition to many production work, Danny Corten plays in clubs such as Cherrymoon, Lagoa, BBC and is a resident DJ at club H2O, close to the French border since 2004 and has played in the US, Canada, France, Portugal, Russia, Croatia and the UK in many clubs like “Pacha” Portugal and Russia and in venues like Tomorrowland Summer festival, Dance D-Vison etc… More cool stuff is coming your way!

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