Style: Dance, electro pop

Jelle van Dael is a young star in her own right. Jelle’s music career started

at the age of 18 and without wasting time, Jelle became deeply affected. After winning a popular TV competition in her home country, the singer immediately became famous and was placed as the lead singer of a globally awarded dance project, named Lasgo, with various hits and excellent sales of 5 million albums.

This allround artist with a world of experience and charming high energy takes you on a trip to madness! The crowd just loves to watch her taking over the stage time and time again.

She writes and sings her own tracks giving her a unique style and takes her to a whole new exclusive level of artists.

Jelle knows what she wants and always gives that full 100%. What makes her happy? A crowd that goes completely insane. And trust me, they always do! 


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