Style: Techno, Tech house, House

Proud Antwerp born & raised, the name Strøm refers to the electricity his music brings to the floor and linking his name to the beautiful river of his home town!

With a proclaimed passion for Techno & Tech House in all of its forms, you can call him the centipede of music. After +15 years in the industry, he has brought a unique style of music and knows exactly how to take events from a magical melodic techno journey to the a crazed out night with pounding beats.

While previously playing at well known events such as Elrow, Pukkelpop,…etc but also spinnin’ records for big brands such as Desperados & Red Bull, he is a big fan of every place and it’s unique vibe/atmosphere. From underground clubs to beach bars to big festivals – bringing smiles to people and having a blast while doing so is guaranteed!

Looking for diversity in music as well as making a change for the crowd!


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