Style: Retro, early hardcore, freestyle

Prolific artist and DJ, Stefan Melis also known as Bountyhunter started his career in 1990 in a small club called TGV. During this period he recorded his first record with a sample from the Star Wars movie and the song “Bountyhunter” was born. Released in 1992 on the brand new label Bonzai Records, it went on to become a huge success and amplify the sound we all know and love today. Many more releases would follow including ‘Woops’, ‘Demilitarized Zone’ and ‘The Return’ to name a few. These releases would leave a big mark on the Bonzai label and put Bountyhunter on the map with other big names. This means that people are not only talking about Bonzai, but also about classics where the name Bountyhunter is an established name. Bountyhunter became a Bonzai legend playing in major raves across Europe and clubs such as Extreme, Montini’s, Cherrymoon, BBC, Planet Hardcore, Kabarka and many more. Stefan’s songs have appeared on many compilations including Bonzai, Extreme Chapter, Turn Up The Bass and Retro Arena and many more. 

Bountyhunter is a much sought after DJ and played at many major festivals such as: Tomorrowland (2 weekends), Decibel, Ground Zero, Mayday. Harmony of Harcore, all the great Bonzai events, The Love Parade’s, Multigroove, Hype O Dream, Defcon, Best Kept Secret and many more. Bountyhunter is busy throughout the year with various parties and festivals that are planned and is sure to show up at retro and old school events in the future.

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