We create the best music vibe at your event!

Our approach

Focus Agency plans every musical aspect at your event. We provide the right artists. It is also possible to book a complete line-up. Everything starts with a first meeting, we would like to know from you which wishes we have to fulfill and we will get to work. We look for the right artists for your event.

Artist booking

We support your booking from request to show. Also tailoring full line ups for festivals.


We will help you find the the line-up you prefer. Suitable for your event.

How we do it

Our artists can be booked all over the world. This means a lot of organization. Focus Agency will arrange this for you. All international bookings are handled properly. Also the administrative part is also taken care of by our Agency.

Artist handling is an important part of your event, this is also taken care of by Focus Agency in the right way. So the artists knows what is expected of them, but the wishes of the artists are also communicated. In short, the entire event, from booking to closing performance, is arranged for you.


We take care of all international transfers. You don't have to worry about this part.


Focus Agency takes care of all administration and artist handling.