Style: Early rave, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Uptempo, EDM, Retro house

My musical interest started when I was a young kid listening to different variations of music.

But it was at the age of 14 I found the sound that would set of a dream that after became a reality.
Thunderdome in Antwerp 1996 is where I first got aware that not only the DJ could make a crowd go wild, no there was this other guy on stage handeling the Microphone that could hype up the crowd even more.
The Mc “master of ceremony”!
After hardcore went underground I started to listen to hip hop and started writing my own lyrics but the thought of being a Mc faded away.

Entil in 2006 at Tomorrowland I discovered hardstyle and saw that this style was suited for a Mc to work along a DJ bringing fire to the set.
From that point on my determination of becoming a Mc grew rapidly.
In 2007 a small local hardcore event gave me a chance to host a party for the first time ever.
I became a resident Mc for “Bassfase” from that point on.
And my career only went up from that point on.
With a residency at Cherry moon hosting all Hardcore Universe events” lotto arena & waagnatie included ”
Hosted party’s such as :
Tomorrowland mainstage” Bonzai all stars”
Tomorrowland rose garden “Bonzai stage”
The Qontinent
Hype’o dream
Age of love “lotto arena”
Replay festival

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