Style: Hard techno, classics

Belgium-based DJ & Producer Vána Vivacious.

From a young age on, Vána Vivacious has always been very passionate about music, especially about Retro House Music, she played music all day long. Music brings joy and exhilaration to her, that’s why she wants to share her musical journey with others. As she gains more experience and shares her interpretation of a combination of Hard Techno and Retro House music with a crowd, she felt motivated to work hard, learn and set new goals for herself every time. Be inspired by the dark driven vibes and mysterious forms of Hard Techno music on the one hand and the mighty enchanting melodic and energetic forms of Retro House music on the other. Sinds February ’21, Vána Vivacious is currently proving herself at various events and has already been in serveral small and bigger clubs such as Kop of Munt, De Planeet, De Club Mechelen (Mech’no) where she became a resident, La Rocca, Tros FM, Versuz, Sotto’s, Retro House Invasion, Club Dwaas, Radio Bataklank, Industrial Club, Globefest, Airplay, Crew Club, HILLS, Endorphium, Warrecords and The Dansant.

She released her first track (sunrise) with the label Dark Distorted signals. This track is a different kind of Techno than she is playing now, here she was still looking for which kind of Techno suits her the best. With this song she was in the magazine DJ MAG España. Under this label she will continue to release her music.

Now she has found her kind of techno, this techno contains high bpm’s (150+), dark distorted kicks and especially a lot of acid. This can also be heard in her EP Lady Vengeance that’s released on May 26, 2023. With this EP she was in the magazine DJ MAG España on June, 2023.

At this moment she is making new tracks, on the same label as the other tracks.

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