Out of the ashes we rise.

After two years of darkness, we are so proud to bring you the legendary Wonderful Days – The Classic Rave.


Wonderful Days is the biggest classic rave festival in Germany and now it´s time to bring them to Belgium.

We take you on a journey back in time to the 90s with all kings and queens that gave you the music you still love so much today.


The Line Up is led by the Techno queen, MARUSHA from Berlin.

She will bring the Kings with her, look forward to a classic Line up in a class of its own with names like: Kai Tracid, Dj Ghost, Dj Quicksilver, Dj Hooligan, Tomcraft and many more.


This december 11th we rave at Radar (the legendary “Cherry Moon”).
Lets have WONDERFUL DAYS together! ❤


Marusha, Dj GHOST, Kai Tracid, Dj Quicksilver, Dj Hooligan, Tomcraft, Dave Lambert, Bountyhunter, Sven Lanvin

Technofloor: Amicitia, Shddr, Vision Machine, Lukas Firtzer